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Tips for Making Man’s Best Friend Your Best Adventure Companion

September 24, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Tips for Making Man’s Best Friend Your Best Adventure Companion

What’s the best thing about man’s best friend? Easy – canine companions love to romp around outside just as much as their human friends. Use these ten tips to turn your dog into your number-one adventure partner.

Tips for Making Man's Best Friend Your Best Adventure Companion

Tip #1 – Train for the Trip

The best way to turn your ordinary pup into a full-fledged adventure dog is to provide them them with the proper training. A well-trained dog will stay close to your side and obey commands no matter how excited they are to be roaming through the wild, even when they’re off-leash.

Tip #2 – Pack for Two

Bring enough food and water to keep you and your companion hydrated and energized for the duration of the day’s activities. AND extra food and water for both of you, just in case you decide to take a detour.

Tip #3 – Pick a Perfect Location

Do some research on dog-friendly outdoor recreation areas nearby. If you’re not sure where to start, check out the state parks and  national parks in your region – many of them offer plenty of opportunity for pet-friendly exploration.

Tip #4 – Choose an Activity Your Dog Will Love

If your dog is young and energetic, consider activities like hiking, trail-running, and cycling – the more energy they have, the more lengthy and difficult trails and routes you can choose.

If your dog is older or has a more relaxed disposition, it might prefer activities like fishing, paddleboarding/kayaking/canoeing, or easy hikes to scenic picnic spots.  

Tip #5 – Don’t Push Your Pup

Be sure to stick with environments and activities which suit your canine’s breed, age, and temperament – you probably don’t want to bring an old husky on a trek through the desert, and an energetic Doberman might be too restless to hang out in your boat on a fishing trip.

Tip #6 – Watch the Weather

Keep a close eye on the forecast – dogs and humans don’t have the same ability to tolerate inclement weather (again, your companion’s tolerance will depend largely on their breed and health status). Wet fur can be colder than wet skin – bring a towel if there’s a chance of rain.

Tip #7 – Be Mindful of Rules and Regulations

Nothing ruins an adventure like an unnecessary ticket – make sure you’re recreating in an area where dogs are allowed, and following all posted regulations (leashing, waste disposal, etc).

Tip #8 – Be Mindful of Other Adventurers

Nothing ruins an adventure like a confrontation with a stranger who stepped in Fido’s breakfast. Pick up after your pet, follow LNT protocol, and respect your fellow explorers.

Tip #9 – Bring Some Special Treats

When your dog is having fun, you’ll have more fun – bring some special treats like a tasty snack or a favorite toy to keep your pup happy and add some positive reinforcement to their time in the great outdoors.

Tip #10 – Adventure Often

The more you adventure with your best canine bud, the better at and more accustomed to adventuring they’ll become. Explore as much as possible to smooth out the kinks in your partnership and strengthen your bond to the max!

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