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For the Modern Explorer

Our mission at STNGR is simple: To enable men to achieve their full potential.

We serve the trailblazer, the self reliant adventurer who thirsts for journeying off the beaten path. Who actively seeks to be challenged & thrives in the face of adversity. Who relentlessly works to become proficient – in outdoor skills and in life.

This to us is the true definition of a modern explorer.

Keeping in line with our mission and born out a desire for more, STNGR's E.D.G.E (Extremely Durable Gear for the Elements) division was launched as a testing & development center for gear we ourselves wanted to use.

Through innovative design principles, high performance materials, relentless testing, countless iteration & world class manufacturing, we develop exceptional gear that allows you to blend seamlessly from the expansive wilderness to the range to the urban cityscape.

EDGE differs from other outdoor brands in our approach to cutting out the retail markup through our direct to consumer business model, our commitment to providing high value innovative built to last products and a strong support of American values.

What Makes EDGE Different Than The Rest?

World-Class Manufacturing

Working with industry experts, we’ve partnered with the best manufacturers in the world. Our gear is made alongside the biggest premium names in the industry.

No Artificial Markups

Through our direct to consumer model, we cut out the artificial retail markup providing you with premium products at radically fair prices.

Cutting Edge Materials

Being a smaller company with rapid development times, we are able to test & launch products with the newest most innovative material technologies much quicker than larger, slower brands.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Finding the right apparel online is tough. That’s why we offer our 60 Day Try On period. Order what you want, test it out & return if anything doesn't work for you - we’ll even cover the return shipping.

5-Star Customer Experience

We take exceptional pride in our world-class customer service. If you ever have any questions or concerns, send us a message & we’ll take great care of you.

American Values

We strongly believe in and support our country's values of independence, self reliance, hard work, risk taking and believe that the American Dream is alive and well.

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