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Founded by father and son in 2016 out of a garage in Allen, Texas, we exist to support the 2A community with gear and accessories you can rely on under any condition sold at a radically fair price.

When looking for a sunglasses manufacturer to partner with, we scoured the globe for months - testing countless with all coming up short. Eventually, with the help of industry experts, we were able to partner with the best manufacturers in the world.

Together we developed a new category of eyewear - stylish ballistic protection that could be used both on and off the range. Sunglasses built to solve the unique challenges faced by shooters.  

Challenging the status quo by forgoing retailers and selling direct to consumer, we’re able to cut out the retail markup and sell world class sunglasses at a radically fair price.

Unlike large multinational-corporations whose focus is cutting corners to maximize profit at every step, our focus is on helping the 2A community solve the unique challenges you face with gear you can rely on under any condition. As an independent family run business, we serve you - the individual, not the shareholders.

As end-users ourselves, like you we have experienced the frustration of trying to deal with a company who won’t honor their complicated warranty and only cares about extracting as much money out of you as possible. A customer service agent who cares more about getting you off the phone than on helping fix the issue. Most times, the unbelievable hassle made us realize it wasn't worth it - just as the company had intended.

It’s because of experiences like this that we developed the industry-leading SWARM Warranty. Simple and honest - how a warranty should be. We believe so strongly in our products that we back them with a Lifetime Warranty and an exceptional customer service team of real humans that treats you like family.

Everything we do from our world class products to our business model to our packaging is for one purpose - to serve the 2A community with gear and accessories you can rely on under any condition. It’s that simple.

-The STNGR Family & AT3 Tactical

What Makes STNGR Different Than The Rest?

World-Class Manufacturing

Working with industry experts, we’ve partnered with the best manufacturers in the world to develop a new category eyewear made for the 2A .

No Artificial Markups

Through our direct to consumer model, we cut out the artificial retail markup providing you with premium products at radically fair prices.

Cutting Edge Materials

Being a smaller company with rapid development times, we are able to test & launch products with the newest most innovative material technologies much quicker than larger, slower brands.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Finding the right gear online is tough. That’s why we offer our 60 Day Try On period. Order what you want, test it out & return if anything doesn't work for you - we’ll even cover the return shipping.

5-Star Customer Experience

We take exceptional pride in our world-class customer service. If you ever have any questions or concerns, send us a message & we’ll take great care of you.

Made For The 2A Community

We develop mission critical gear and accessories specifically designed to solve the unique challenges faced by shooters and Law Enforcement.