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Best Adventures to Take as a Couple

November 22, 2019 3 min read 0 Comments

Best Adventures to Take as a Couple

Nothing improves an outdoor experience like sharing the fun with someone you love. But not every activity is conducive to a happy couples’ retreat – to keep your relationship strong and make the most of your adventures together, choose from this list of the best adventures for active outdoor couples.

Best Adventures to Take as a Couple

Ten Best Adventures to Take as a Couple

1. Canoe Trip

Most canoes are built for two! Taking a paddle down a quiet stream or across a tranquil lake is a great opportunity to enjoy a relaxing activity in a romantic setting. Paddling requires teamwork and cooperation, but also allows you to move at your own pace so you can enjoy each other’s company and conversation.

2. Stargazing Night Hike

Choose a scenic overlook with a good view of the sky, wait for a clear night, and navigate to your personal vista by the light of moon, stars, and headlamp. This is a unique and unforgettable experience that will stick out in your memories long after the sunrise.

3. Backpacking Trip

Camping and hiking trips can also be great activities for adventurous couples, but if you’re both experienced with those, why not take things to the next level? Even a short backpacking trip means spending lots of quality time together, and the more time you spend on the trail, the more you’ll learn about each other. If your partner still loves you through the layers of dirt and backpacker-funk, rest assured that the two of you have a good thing going.

4. River Float

If you can locate a mellow section of moving water, a sunny day, and any kind of object that will keep you afloat (think inner tubes, a kiddie-pool, or even an air mattress), grab some cool beverages and spend a lazy day on the water. This is a leisurely, low-commitment adventure that’s guaranteed to make you both smile.

5. Rock Climbing

A sport in which trust and communication are two central pillars. Just like in relationships! If you don’t have your own gear/belaying skills, sign up for a class together (see below!).

6. Try Something New

Never been climbing, skiing, or surfing before? Go try it out! Learning new skills together will bring you closer as you both work to overcome the same obstacles and explore unfamiliar territories and adventures.

7. Cliff Jumping

Explore your local jetties, quarries, and swimming holes and then take the plunge. Conquer your fears together as you leap toward the water, hand-in-hand.

8. Snowshoe/Igloo Building

If you find yourself in one of the wintery parts of the world, go for a snowshoe and bring a shovel. Work together to build an igloo or other snow-shelter, then cozy up to weather the storm. Having a thermos of warm cocoa or cider will warm your fingertips as well as your hearts. This is a great winter adventure that doesn’t require straying too far from home when the world is buried!

9. Share a Special Place

If you’ve ever experienced a specific place or particular adventure that really made an impression on you, share those memories with your partner by bringing them back to life! Head back to this place or recreate the adventure with your S.O. in tow. This will give you the opportunity to experience the place from a new perspective, and give your significant other the chance to connect with your past on a deeper level.

10. Create a Collaborative Trip Itinerary

Take turns selecting different items on a weekend trip itinerary. You’ll end up with a totally unique and memorable adventure that’s likely to incorporate a diverse range of activities. A great chance to try out each other’s favorite jaunts, especially the ones you might not normally agree to. This will expand both of your horizons, guaranteed.  

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