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Unique Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities For Autumn

October 31, 2019 3 min read 0 Comments

Unique Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities For Autumn

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are turning, and – well, you’ve heard it all before. It’s Fall! And of course, that new chill in the air isn’t going to stop you and your kids from staying active in the outdoors.

Unique Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities for Autumn

Here’s a list of 20 out-of-the-box autumn activities your kids will love once you’ve covered all the usual bases with pumpkin carving and apple picking:

1. Leaf Pile Race Course

A little twist on a fall classic – make an obstacle course out of miniature leaf piles and see how fast you can navigate from one end to the other! Maybe the goal is to avoid the leaves, or maybe it’s to collect as many as possible in your clothes while zooming from one pile to the next…

2. Leaf Maze

Like a corn maze, but drawn in the leaves spread out on the ground. No jumping over walls – that’s cheating!

3. Fort-Building

Use brush, dead branches, and anything else you can find to build a cozy outdoor hideout. For added comfort, furnish with (you guessed it!) piles of leaves.

4. Geocaching

Like a GPS-guided treasure hunt, a geochaching adventure is a great way to capture a kid’s imagination as you explore the outdoors.

5. Color Hike

Before going on a hike or nature walk, everyone should pick up a single natural object of an autumn color. While walking, see how many objects of that specific shade you can collect from the ground! If you’re on a hiking trail or in a protected area, “collect” things by taking pictures of them to make sure you’re demonstrating good LNT practices.

6. Bird Watching

Grab a couple pairs of binoculars and follow the sound of wingbeats – lots of birds are migrating south, and it can make a great show if you find the right viewpoint.

7. Scarecrow Stuffing

Stuff some clothing your kids have outgrown with leaves and straw, tie the sleeves/legs together, and add a jack-o-lantern head as a finishing touch.

8. Leaf ID Scavenger Hunt

Give your kids a quick leaf identification crash course and have them hunt for the trees which different leaves came from.

9. Leaf Pressings/Rubbings

Because there are never too many leaf-games. Gather all of the interesting and colorful leaves you can find and make a scrapbook or a collage of your favorites.

10. Rock Skipping

Find a scenic lake or pond and let ‘em loose! According to some, the chillier water makes the rocks skip further before they go swimming.

11. Tree-Climbing Trip

Cruise around the woods and find some trees to climb – some of the best views of the foliage are from right inside of it!

12. Arboretum Visit

Lots of trees, lots of colors, and lots of information for curious kiddos.

13. Fall Fairy-House Building

A simple, creative activity that can be done anytime, anywhere.

14. Stargazing

Shorter days and longer nights mean you can spend lots of time staring at the stars, without ever abandoning bedtime.

15. Soaking in Hot Springs

A perfect way to stay warm and enjoy the autumn air, even on the frostiest October days.

16. Sharing Hot Drinks

Bring a backpacking stove on an autumn adventure of your choosing and find a nice spot to relax. Heat up some hot chocolate or apple cider and make a toast to your journey.

17. Cooking Pumpkin Seeds

Save all the seeds you scoop out carving pumpkins, season them with salt and oil, and cook over a campfire.

18. Wagon Ride

Prepare for the upcoming sledding season by taking a red wagon for a ride down a hill. Keep it mellow, though – wagons can move quicker than you might expect!

19. Bonfire

Campfires are fun, but staying toasty with a big bonfire is an unforgettable way to spend an autumn evening.

20. Foliage Paddle

Plenty of people take foliage hikes, but fewer venture out for a view from the water. Pile into a canoe for a new perspective – the reflections on the water mean double the color!

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