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Alpine Ballistic Sunglasses
Jeff Raudabaugh
Why are you waiting?

There should be zero reviews with less than 5-stars for STNGR sunglasses. I have purchased every sunglass manufacturer that has existed in the last 20 years. You name the company, I have bought a pair of their sunglasses.
Ray-Ban, Revo, Serengeti, Persol, Oakley, Smith, Maui Jim, Costa Del get the picture.
My point being is that the design, materials, durability, appearance, clarity, price, and fit of the STNGR Alpine far exceed any sunglasses I have purchased before!
This company hits all the right metrics, from their website layout, unparalleled warranty and return policy, to the packaging of your shipment, and the included protective case, cleaning cloth, soft bag, retainer strap.
Buy them NOW, they will be the last pair of sunglasses you will ever need...that is until you want to buy ANOTHER pair.

Good glasses

I have used these glasses for a couple of weeks both at work and for leisure. They are well built and stay in place well. One major improvement I believe could help is an Anti Fog Coating. While out shooting in cooler air I noticed they would immediately fog which caused difficulties in quickly identifying and acquiring targets. Other similar prices glasses I have tried ventilate a bit better than these seem to on me which help prevent fogging during active use. Should the company sell anti fog cloth, coatings, or lenses I would be highly interested.

Ridge Ballistic Sunglasses
Roger Gavriluk
Best Sunglasses I have ever owned!

I have been in the military for over 25 years and have served in various units in Special Operations. After using other brands over the years and being tired of poor construction, as well as scratching all the time to the point where I couldn’t see anymore, I am truly excited there is a company like STNGR making a quality product that doesn’t break and is scratch resistant. Great to see someone finally crack the code for the operator and they look amazing....

Alpine shades

I only needed to use them twice so far with it being cloudy and lame most of the time. When I did use them, they were awesome. I love the design and the box it came in(didn't expect that), very well built, they fit me good, you can tell they're polarized, and my kids each gave me thumbs up on how they look on me. Glad I bought them!

Best decision

I am so glad I went with STNGR glasses. I wanted a nice rugged pair that weren't overpriced and easy to break. You can not beat their replacement guarentee. You will not regret getting these glasses. If you have a wide face I recommend the Ridge glasses with the curved temple. I will be buying more stuff for sure. I dont usually give reviews so this means something.

Fantastic Sunglasses

I love the these sunglasses. They are strong but yet stylish. I can use them both on my boat or out around town. I strongly recommend these sunglasses.

Awesome Sunglasses :: Nomad Lifestyle Sunglasses

I love the quality of the Nomad Lifestyle Sunglasses. It would be great if this style would come in different colors, for example, a Tortoise Brown color. I definitely will order another Nomad if STNGR makes additional colors.


Overall, the glasses are very good. I was in between sizes according to the chart and chose the apline over the ridge because of the adjustable nose piece. The fit was tighter than I prefer and decided to order a pair of ridge glasses knowing I could return one of the pairs. The ridge glasses were definitely not as tight (as expected by the dimensions), but ultimately, the alpine glasses were more comfortable due to the adjustable nose piece and fit on the face. This is obviously personal preference and not a knock against the ridge glasses. A combination of the adjustable nose piece on the alpine and dimensions of the ridge would be a perfect pair for me.

Missing information

What they don't tell you when you purchase this sight is that at the 5 o'clock position in the lense is an emitter that protrudes about 1/8-1/4 inch into the center of the optic. Not major but definitely noticeable. I've used many red dot brands and I've never had an issue with this before. I will give this optic a try but it doesn't look like it's going to work like the description says.

Hey Jake!

Thank you so much for your feedback on the Axiom! While the positioning of the emitter will not affect functionality in any way, I fully understand where you’re coming from.
We have heard from a handful of other customers that they would prefer a more recessed emitter positioning and we have already passed this on to our design team and our manufacturing team. Feedback like this is something we take very seriously and plans are already in motion to update the emitter design for the next batch of Axioms in order to create the best red dot possible.
If you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We'll be happy to help!

-The STNGR Team

Tortured Tested Gear Works Best

Like others that have posted here I was in the military in special operations with Marine Recon as a Navy SARC. I currently work as a tactical LEO and train extensively in these glasses and I solely us them as my every day wear, train, and just look cool glasses.

I have tried and used dozens of brands to include my old go to Oakleys. These glasses have replaced all of my shooting and cool guy glasses. I loved watching the torture test since just about everything I own was from torture tested brands so I know that it will always work. Same with these glasses. You tortured them and I loved it.

I ordered them and they come in a semi rigid case with a cleaner bag, lens cleaner, and around the neck retention cord (did not expect this and it was cool to get). The glasses shipped fast from good ole Texas. Nice job having the company here boys.

I got them in days and I instantly loved them. The nose piece is customizable and I tightened them and forced them onto my nose to shape the nose piece. I originally got the red lenses and my wife (retired fire captain) said “those look great but the lenses make you look like a bug.” I was like thanks babe, I got this color to transition from light to dark environments. She said “cool, you still look like a bug.” Gotta love that one for sure. 😉

So I contacted the team at STNGR to ask if I could exchange the glasses for the darker lenses. The very nice Monique read my request which included what my wife said and said they would send me out the darker lenses. I was like cool. I got them in just a few days and I watched the video on how to change the lenses. Popped them in and bam cool guy again.

Here is what I love about these glasses beside the guys torture testing them. I was worried about the lenses (replacement) being to dark from light to dark environments but I have found the exact opposite. They are perfect with a great amount of protection from dust and smoke. I also like that I can see my RMR illuminated ...

Ridge Ballistic Sunglasses
Robert Licudine
What a KICKASS AWESOME pair of sunglasses!!!

I’m not a big name-brand person. I love Canik pistols(which easily outshoot Glocks for 1/2 the cost), Athlon rifle scopes which are head and shoulders above their competition for a fraction of the cost, AND NOW STNGR’S SUNGLASSES. Caught this pair on sale and WOW!!!! I’ve been wearing them daily for approx 2 weeks and love em. I love to fish and the polarized lenses are perfect. EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE. My boys will definitely be sporting these as Xmas gifts this year

Great overall eyewear

I recieved the Smoke Alpines and I am extremely pleased with them. The frames fit snugly but not too tight. The adjustable nose piece provides an overall comfortable feel and the polarization of the optics is excellent making driving in bright sun a breeze. I have used the glasses as protective eyewear while cutting tree branches with a chain saw.
The lens size provided good eye coverage of the sawdust. I find the overall versatility very effective and I would highly recommend trying these out.

Very good for the money

These sunglasses are very light, fairly strong, and look great. They are a little less tactical looking then other models, so for those of us looking for an alternative to the tactical look, these are a good way to go. The lense tint is similar to Wiley's, not too dark or too light, and the polarization is very effective in reducing glare. The only fault I can find with them is that they are made in China, something I frown on since so many of our people are out of work now thanks to the virus that country was responsible for. But considering the fact that just about everything is made there rather we like it or not, the quality factor, the design, and the price, I think that they were a great buy for the money, and will keep them for those times when wearing tactical glasses is inappropriate. They are very cool looking, for those of us who who would rather look like Jerry Garcia than the Terminator when out and about, or shooting at the range. Oh, and before I forget, the case that comes with the glasses are the most innovative I've ever seen. They fold completely flat when not in use, a very clever design. I would definitely five star these if they weren't made by communists!

Best glasses I had in a long time !!!

I use these glasses for everything ! They are perfect for driving, fishing , range time , everyday use very very satisfied thank you STNGR !

All around great sunglasses

Great fit, these glasses are comfortable and stay put. The clarity of the lenses is incredible. Couldn't be happier with them.

Ridge Ballistic Sunglasses
Ryan Cunningham
The shades I've been wanting my whole life!

I've always been the guy to buy cheapo gas station sunglasses because I always end up breaking them or scratching up the lenses. or losing them - never happy with them. I have had these green ridge sunglasses for about a year now and I absolutely love them in every way. I like them so much I'm going to get a second pair to keep just in the car.

Comfort: I have a 7 5/8 hat size and almost all stylish shades I've tried pinch my temple. Not these. They are by far the most comfortable shades I've ever worn. They don't cause any discomfort from long term wear all day either. While not a perfect seal the wrap around perfectly and keep most wind out of my eyes if I'm out on the lake or in a strong wind.

Style: These are pretty badass IMO for very functional glasses.

Durability: If I didn't lose my shades over the years I inevitable broke them or the lenses irrevocably fell out. So far after a year of regular use I have no complaints. and these are so tough and flexible you can literally stomp on them and their fine. and if you did somehow damage them STNGR has a pretty full coverage lifetime warranty.

Utility: I do a lot of recreational target shooting. I love that these are rated for safety as well as UV protection with polarization so I use them when I'm on the outdoor range.

Extras: they come with a nice cloth, bag, and strap if you're really active and don't want them getting away from you.

Cons: I really can't think of any. If anything I wish the frames could come in different colors than black. Or have both styles in both sizes so I could try the Alpines comfortably.

Well pleased

I am quite impressed with this company’s commitment to customer service in addition to providing quality products. From the point of surveying product offerings to delivery of my chosen gear, this team has been available to assist in any matter. Whether sunglasses or backpacks, I have not been disappointed. I will continue to use and recommend this company to anyone. 

Great glasses but….

These are great glasses but where are the replacement lenses?

Bad ass shades! Active shooter and Truck Driver

I'm a truck driver but one of my hobbies is to shoot guns. These work great for both! Look bad ass, comfortable and help vision. I also bought all colors of replacement lenses and switch them out when I want to wear a different color. Thanks for making affordable, SAFE and bad ass glasses STNGR!!!

7.62 Ak 120 rd review

Sight hasnt broke, i beat the hell out of it and it remained zeroed in to at least imperceptible levels. I’m only 120-160 rds in as of yet, but no problems that I have seen. At the price i got it ($108) there isnt anything better.

Another awesome product from a great company!

I recently purchased the new Nomad Lifestyle Sunglasses and I love them! Super lightweight and very comfortable. They are a perfect compliment to my Alpines. One pair for days spent on the water or in the field and one pair for daily wear back and forth to the office. I couldn’t be happier!

Fantastic glasses that don’t break the bank

I’ve been an Oakley fan for years, but I would always limit my purchases due to their cost. I own several pairs, and typically choose “Prizm“ polarized lenses as the high contrast reduces fatigue.

I came across these when looking for a pair of multipurpose shades to use while driving, fishing, or at the range. The price was right, I took the plunge, and I can honestly say I’ll probably never buy another pair of Oakleys. The Razr lenses are awesome high contrast polarized lenses, and I can’t visibly tell a difference between them and a pair of Prizm polarized Flak2.0. They fit your face comfortably, and with their great return policy I was able to try the Ridge and Apline out and decide which was fit my face better (though to be honest, I kept the Ridges and gifted them to a family member).

Best Bang for Your Buck Pack

The Tavajo is a great little day pack, super light yet durable. I have other packs that cost more and feel less durable. I have used this many times from day hikes to traveling, and it's exactly what I was looking for. It has a sleek, low profile design that looks good without sticking out. On rappelling trips I am able to strap extra gear to the outside and it has held up to my abuse! The price is right, very happy with my purchase and would buy again.

Hawaii Island

Thank you it's a great design I love the fit and all the accessory that come in the box.thx again STNG

Alpine Ballistic Sunglasses
Bradshaw Patrick
Great shades!

Fit is good for my face. They come just to the top of my eyes brows and do not touch my cheeks. I wear a 71/4” hat size with an averagely proportioned face. The clarity of the lenses are on par with any Oakley, Costa, or Maui Jim’s that I have owned. The light transmittance is perfect for those bright Texas summers but not so dark that I have to remove them when moving from outside to inside a structure. They do not fog any worse than Oakley’s when moving from an A\C environment to a hot humid environment, and they clear quickly. The arms are very comfortable for all day wear. The only drawback, if you can call it that, is they will hit a ball cap that has an extreme curve to the bill as mine generally do. Doesn’t bother me though because I mostly use them in an LE application where we do not wear hats. I love that they are ANSI + rated. Would recommend them all day and twice on Sunday. Buy won’t regret it.