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Easy Coffee Recipes for the Great Outdoors

August 06, 2019 4 min read 0 Comments

Easy Coffee Recipes for the Great Outdoors

Depending on your personal relationship with the early hours of the day (and the extent of your caffeine addiction), you might consider a morning mug of coffee an occasional luxury, a pleasant pick-me-up, or an absolute necessity. In any case though, there’s no better place to enjoy a fresh brew than in the fresh air of a quiet campsite, taking in the scents of steaming grounds and mountain pine in equal measure. Use these easy brewing methods (listed in a rough order from simple to fancy) to get your fix with plenty of time left over to prepare for the day’s adventures.

Easy Coffee Recipes For The Great Outdoors

1. Cowboy Coffee

The most rugged coffee out there – boil some water, pour in the coffee grounds, and then wait until they sink to the bottom of the pot. This no-nonsense method is especially fitting if you’re sleeping cowboy-style in a sleeping bag under the stars.

2. Instant Coffee

Packets of instant coffee are brewed true to their name – heat up some water, add the packet, and you’ve instantly got a warm cup of joe. Instant coffee only differs from cowboy coffee in that it’s faster and far less likely to deposit a surprise mouthful of grounds in the bottom of your mug. You may have to sort through a number of brands to find one that suits your tastebuds, but once you find it instant coffee is one of the quickest, easiest (and lightest, if you’re backpacking) options for making a morning brew.

3. Tea Bag Method

Meaning, both state parks and national parks are established for the purpose of conservation – protecting and preserving the lands, ecosystems, and natural resources within their borders. When you visit either kind of park, you’re exploring an area which is specifically designated as a location deserving of care and respect. Although it’s always important to follow good environmental practices and leave no trace principles, protected parks require special attention – these natural areas of increased usage are particularly susceptible to human impacts, so we need to be especially mindful of our ecological practices within them.

4. Drip Coffee

A large part of the reason why parks are protected is because they’re extremely distinct environments with histories and natural features that can’t be found anywhere else. In state parks and national parks alike you’ll find things like caves and waterfalls, mountains and valleys, wide-open fields, and pristine lakes. You’ll be able to view wildlife that isn’t seen just anywhere, and learn about the history, science, and environmental significance which characterizes the unique world around you.

5. Reusable Filter

And of course, there’s the reason you want to visit a park in the first place – these special, protected environments are available to public use and offer plenty of opportunity for exploration, recreation, and adventure. Whatever outdoor activities you’re enthusiastic about, it’s guaranteed that both national and state parks afford plenty of access to a variety of great places to pursue them.

6. Percolator

A great option for car camping and glamping, the percolator is probably the best sensory coffee-making experience out there. Pour in a good amount of water, add grounds to the basket on top, and then keep the water boiling until it’s all been bubbled through the basket of grounds. Though the percolator isn’t the lightest or most compact device, it smells and sounds as pleasant as any coffee maker can and is a classic staple of a cozy campsite.  

7. Aeropress

Many outdoor enthusiasts swear by the quality of Aeropress coffee – add hot water and grounds, stir them together, then press down slowly until all the water has been pushed through the bottom filter and into your mug. The Aeropress is also considerably lighter and smaller than the average French press.

8. French Press

Though a full-on French press can be a bit unwieldly and impractical (if you aren’t glamping or car-camping) hikers and backpackers can purchase lighter and more durable French press attachments for Jetboil stoves and similar water-boiling systems. They’ll all work like a normal press – boil water, add grounds, stir, wait a few minutes, press the plunger down slowly, then pour at your leisure.

9. Portable Espresso

For the most insatiable caffeine fiends, there are a number of options for portable outdoor espresso makers. The exact process will vary depending on the product, but all will involve using some sort of pump for squeezing out those precious shots of rocket fuel.

No matter how you brew it, what time you drink it, or the darkness of your grounds, one fact remains constant – coffee tastes better in the great outdoors. Waking up to a cup or two accompanied by a clear morning and a nice view is the ideal way to start any day of outdoor relaxation, exploration, and adventure. So cheers, and happy sipping!

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