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Ridge Ballistic Sunglasses

Lens Color Guide + FREE Case Kit ($19.99 Retail) + FREE Shipping
Matte Black/Blue Mirror
Matte Black/Smoke
Matte Black/Clear (Non-Polarized)
Matte Black/Green Mirror
Matte Black/Red Mirror

Customer Reviews

Based on 196 reviews
Roger Gavriluk
Best Sunglasses I have ever owned!

I have been in the military for over 25 years and have served in various units in Special Operations. After using other brands over the years and being tired of poor construction, as well as scratching all the time to the point where I couldn’t see anymore, I am truly excited there is a company like STNGR making a quality product that doesn’t break and is scratch resistant. Great to see someone finally crack the code for the operator and they look amazing....

Best decision

I am so glad I went with STNGR glasses. I wanted a nice rugged pair that weren't overpriced and easy to break. You can not beat their replacement guarentee. You will not regret getting these glasses. If you have a wide face I recommend the Ridge glasses with the curved temple. I will be buying more stuff for sure. I dont usually give reviews so this means something.

Robert Licudine
What a KICKASS AWESOME pair of sunglasses!!!

I’m not a big name-brand person. I love Canik pistols(which easily outshoot Glocks for 1/2 the cost), Athlon rifle scopes which are head and shoulders above their competition for a fraction of the cost, AND NOW STNGR’S SUNGLASSES. Caught this pair on sale and WOW!!!! I’ve been wearing them daily for approx 2 weeks and love em. I love to fish and the polarized lenses are perfect. EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE. My boys will definitely be sporting these as Xmas gifts this year

Ryan Cunningham
The shades I've been wanting my whole life!

I've always been the guy to buy cheapo gas station sunglasses because I always end up breaking them or scratching up the lenses. or losing them - never happy with them. I have had these green ridge sunglasses for about a year now and I absolutely love them in every way. I like them so much I'm going to get a second pair to keep just in the car.

Comfort: I have a 7 5/8 hat size and almost all stylish shades I've tried pinch my temple. Not these. They are by far the most comfortable shades I've ever worn. They don't cause any discomfort from long term wear all day either. While not a perfect seal the wrap around perfectly and keep most wind out of my eyes if I'm out on the lake or in a strong wind.

Style: These are pretty badass IMO for very functional glasses.

Durability: If I didn't lose my shades over the years I inevitable broke them or the lenses irrevocably fell out. So far after a year of regular use I have no complaints. and these are so tough and flexible you can literally stomp on them and their fine. and if you did somehow damage them STNGR has a pretty full coverage lifetime warranty.

Utility: I do a lot of recreational target shooting. I love that these are rated for safety as well as UV protection with polarization so I use them when I'm on the outdoor range.

Extras: they come with a nice cloth, bag, and strap if you're really active and don't want them getting away from you.

Cons: I really can't think of any. If anything I wish the frames could come in different colors than black. Or have both styles in both sizes so I could try the Alpines comfortably.

Great sunglasses

Super comfortable and stylish sunglasses. They are extremely durable and I love that they came with the sleeve, case, and cord to keep them around my neck and safe from falling! You can’t get all of those accessories for the quality and price anywhere else. I waited months for these to be released and glad I waited!