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In our ongoing pursuit to make the worlds most durable sunglasses, we're running over our prototypes with 4,500/lbs vehicles!

This was the second time this prototype was run over in a matter of a few minutes. The first time it was run over by a Jeep and you can see some of the scuff marks from the first test just above the lens.

The sunglasses themselves suffered no structural damage and were only slightly scuffed by the lenses. They were able to be worn like new! You can see the frame returning back to its original shape towards the end of the video. This is due to the special new Nylon we use that allows the frame to retain shape and durability even under extreme force.

The lenses were a little worse off than the frames but still in decent condition. Gravel from the road was pushed into the lenses (from the 4,500/lb truck and Jeep) which caused the coating to scratch. That said, the gravel didn't penetrate the other side and the shatterproof lenses did not shatter. The lenses could realistically be used but are also able to be swapped out for a new pair.

Overall the prototype performed extremely well! These prototype designs are still a work in progress and aren't finalized. We are learning and improving after every test to make the best sunglasses possible. While you hopefully won't be running over your sunglasses in the near future, it's reassuring to know just how much abuse these sunglasses can take!

Front look at the sunglasses immediately after they were run over. 

Gravel from the road caused the lenses to scratch and scuffed part of the nylon. 

Other side of the frames. 

No structural damage to the frame and the hinges function like new! 

The frame reverted back to it's original shape and was able to be worn without any issues! 

*For testing purposes only. Don't try this at home.