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Our mission at STNGR is simple: To enable men to achieve their full potential.Keeping in line with our mission and born out a desire for more, STNGR's E.D.G.E (Extremely Durable Gear for the Elements) division was launched as a testing & development center for gear we ourselves wanted to use.

We serve the trailblazer, the self reliant adventurer who thirsts for journeying off the beaten path. Who actively seeks to be challenged & thrives in the face of adversity. Who relentlessly works to become proficient – in outdoor skills and in life.

Through innovative design principles, high performance materials, relentless testing, countless iteration & world class manufacturing, we develop exceptional gear that allows a seamless blend from the expansive wilderness to the urban cityscape.

If any of this resonates with you, we’d love to partner with you!

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Additional Terms and Conditions

Affiliates are not permitted to promote any coupons not provided by us through Avant Link.

While STNGR encourages affiliates to use Search Engine Marketing (both paid and natural) in their promotional campaigns, we restrict affiliates from bidding on the following terms and their misspellings including: STNGR, STNGR EDGE, STNGR USA, Stingr, styngr STNGR sunglasses, STNGR apparel, cheap STNGR, discount STNGR, sale STNGR, STNGR code, wholesale STNGR, STNGR on sale, STNGR for cheap, STNGREDGE.COM, STNGRUSA.COM.

Use of domain names containing our brand terms and their misspellings (including STNGR, STNGREDGE, STNGRUSA) violate the terms of the affiliate relationship.

We reserve the right to withhold sales commissions to affiliates or remove affiliates from the program that are found to be in violation of any of Terms & Conditions.

We look forward to partnering with you!