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Prototype Durability Testing


We're testing the impact durability for one of our new prototype ultra-durable sunglasses. Around the STNGR office, we fondly refer to this as the "stomp test."

This test is intended to mimic a real world situation where you might have accidentally dropped your sunglasses and they were stepped on before you had a chance to pick them up. 

Our approach is to blend real world application tests with more scientific tests such as ANSI certification (shown below). If we were to only perform one of these types of tests (say just ANSI for example) we'd be missing out on a lot of valuable real world information. You can't build a product solely in the lab. Sometimes you need to take it out into the real world and try to beat it to a pulp. 

On the flip side, a high performance pair of eyewear needs to also be tested in a scientific manner in order to achieve maximum safety and reach its fullest potential. 

Together these tests allow us to engineer products that perform to the highest standards. 

(High Impact Test shown above. High Velocity Test shown below)

Lenses are one of the most important parts to a pair sunglasses. It was absolutely crucial to us that our Ultra-Durable Sunglasses had ultra durable lenses to keep your eyes well protected.

This is the High Impact portion of our ANSI Z87.1 certification. In this test, a pointed metal rod (weighing 500 grams) was dropped directly on the lens.

The rod struck the lenses twice - once at the point of initial impact and a second time as the rod bounced off. Neither impact penetrated and the lenses were still in a very usable condition.

Had you been wearing these sunglasses, your eyes would have been incredibly well protected and your sunglasses would have lived to fight another day.

This is the High Velocity portion of the ANSI Z87.1 test.

In this test, a 1/4" steel ball is fired at a velocity of 150-ft/sec at the frame.

The basic premise of this test is to check for safety against potential objects that may hit your sunglasses (whether that be rocks/sticks while mountain biking, pebbles during motorcycling , getting hit with a baseball etc...).

This ensures that your lenses won't crack sending shards of lens into your eyes under unexpected force.

Note that the white logo on this prototype is not final. The final logo will be fully blacked out and debossed.