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What heroes or role models do you look up to?

I don’t have a specific hero or role model. But I admire anyone who finds a way in our busy / modern world to break away from reality and experience the great outdoors.

What’s your favorite part of what you do? Your least favorite part?

I believe that humans have a primal need for the wilderness. For thousands of years, it has been home for our ancestors. Not until recent history have humans retreated to the modern world as we know it today. It’s this primal need that I am able to tap that gets me excited. I also love sharing my adventures with my followers. I hope to inspire my followers to get outside and experience nature.


What’s the craziest situation you’ve encountered when out exploring the wilderness?

Last winter I spent 3 days attempting to summit a peak. On day one, a winter storm rolled in bringing a foot of snow, hurricane force winds and temps down to -20 degrees. I camped out in a saddle about 1,000’ below the summit waiting for the weather to clear. For the next 2 days, I waited out the storm - spending most of my time melting snow for water, rationing my food and doing my best to stay warm. After 3 days and several feet of snow, I had no choice but to pack up and head back down the mountain.


What piece of photography are you most proud of capturing? Why?

The piece (or pieces) that I am most proud of capturing are the ones that will never be posted to social media. They aren't “catchy” or interesting enough for Instagram. But for me they are special moments frozen in time - my family laughing around a campfire, my daughter looking at a spruce branch in wonder.