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About Us 1

For the Modern Explorer

STNGR was born out of a desire for more. Our mission is to enable men to achieve their full potential through an adventurous lifestyle. We serve the trailblazer, the self reliant adventurer who thirsts for journeying off the beaten path. Who actively seeks to be challenged & thrives in the face of adversity – the modern explorer.

Through innovative design principles, relentless testing & countless iteration, we are able to develop exceptional gear that allows you to blend seamlessly from the expansive wilderness to the urban cityscape.

Since launching humbly in a garage, our highly acclaimed products have been relied on by tens of thousands of modern explorers to redefine what is possible in their own lives & to reach their full potential.

We pride ourselves on being different, on not doing things the traditional way. The status quo is meant to be disrupted, we’re here to make sure it is.